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Lionel Richie Tickets

Although most of us can only hum “Hello, is it me you looking for?” when remembering the name of Lionel Richie, the truth is that the man went through a lot creative path, which allowed him, among all, to sell over 100 million records, making him one of the most commercially successful artists of all time.

Despite the wide recognition he received as a singer and songwriter, music wasn’t his first choice for a profession. In his early years he was devoted to tennis, which earned him a scholarship in Tuskegee University, but eventually he left the institute after just one year. For a while he was contemplating taking the vows and become a priest, but eventually decided it wasn’t for him, so he pursued his musical talent. Yet, he is still active in the religious life of his State.

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The first years in music

In the mid 60’s, Richie began working on various R&B bands, before enrolling to Commodores as a singer and saxophone player. In 1968 the band was an opening act for Jackson 5, which immediately brought them stardom in the soul genre. While being in the Commodores, Richie evolved in songwriting, from dance songs to ballads, which eventually brought his highest fame. During that time (until the mid 70’s) Richie began writing for other artists as well, including Kenny Rogers – the song “Lady”, which became a hit. Later he also produced an album for Rogers, called “Share Your Love”. His duo with Diana Ross “Endless Love” also charted well. He was a member of the Commodores until 1983.

Solo career

The debut solo album – “Lionel Richie”, was released in 1982 and produced few hits, including “Truly”, which had the signature sound of the Commodores. The ballads he wrote and sang gave him the title of the most famous artist in this genre. This achievement was brought to the max with the most well-known song “Hello”, which also took the artist to new musical style. However, in 1986 he released his last popular album to date – “Dancing on the Ceiling”, producing 4 singles. A year later he decided that he’s not interested in working so hard anymore, retired to his home in Alabama and took on a slow rhythm in life, not performing much. In the 90’s and the 00’s he tried to regain his fame, but the countless albums he released didn’t have the same impact as before. Until now, Richie released 11 albums, last one in 2012.

In the previous decade his name was mostly known thanks to his daughter Nicole, adopted by him and his ex-wife when she was just 2. Another interesting fact about the man is his enormous popularity in the Arab countries – until today, many masculine Middle Eastern men from Morocco, Emirates, Egypt and Libya are shedding a tear when hearing his songs.