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This upcoming Leicester vs Nottingham Forest game is going to be exciting. They have a longstanding rivalry dating back to the early 20th century that is rooted in their relative success on the pitch, the passion of their respective fan bases, and the intensity of the local derby matches. With both teams looking to settle old scores, this game is sure to be full of drama and excitement.

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Nottingham Forest vs Leicester City Tickets


Having been established in 1884 in the city of Leicester, their club has a rich heritage in English football. Their most notable accomplishment was clinching the Premier League championship in the 2015-2016 campaign, marking their maiden triumph. The club is known for its fervid fan base and the lively ambiance they create at home games.

Over the years, Leicester City FC has produced a multitude of skilled players, including Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, and N'Golo Kanté, who have all enjoyed prosperous footballing careers.

King Power Stadium

The King Power Stadium, which commenced operations in 2002, has a seating capacity of 32,312, placing it on the more modest side of Premier League stadiums. Despite its size, it has witnessed several unforgettable football matches, succeeding Leicester City's former home ground, Filbert Street.

Apart from football, the stadium has accommodated diverse sporting events and music concerts, and it is an important landmark in Leicester that holds a unique meaning for fans of Leicester City worldwide.

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest are based in the city of Nottingham and were founded in 1865. Since then, the club has earned itself a rich history and has won numerous domestic and international titles, including two European Cups under the management of the legendary Brian Clough in the late 1970s. Nottingham Forest has a passionate fan base, and the team's red and white colours are iconic. Despite not always enjoying their time in the top-level of English football, Nottingham Forest remain a popular and well-respected club across the world.

City Ground

The City Ground is the home stadium of Nottingham Forest, located on the banks of the River Trent in Nottingham. The stadium has a seating capacity of 30,445 and has been the venue for numerous memorable matches in the history of English football. It has also hosted international matches and was a venue for the UEFA Euro 1996 tournament. The City Ground is known for its unique and picturesque setting, with the Trent End stand providing a particularly stunning backdrop.