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Coppa Italia

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The Coppa Italia is Italy’s annual competition for top flight football, and features the best football clubs across the country. The title holder of the Coppa Italia can wear the ‘tricolore’ cockade, which is similar to roundels of military aircrafts. Beat the crowds at the box office and compare the best available deals for Coppa Italia tickets here.

The tournament features a total of 78 teams that compete for the glory of the Coppa Italia. A total of 16 different teams have won the Coppa Italia since the tournament began, with Juventus seeing the most success.

Coppa Italia History

The very first Coppa Italia was held in 1922, which was won by Vado. However, the next competition was not held until 1936 which saw Torino lift the trophy. Since then, many teams have seen success in the Coppa Italia. Juventus have won the Coppa Italia more than any other club, with 11 victories to their name. Other successful clubs in the Coppa Italia include Internazionale, Roma and Fiorentina.

Average Ticket Prices and Attendances for the Coppa Italia

The format of the Coppa Italia lends itself to some of the highest watched games in Italy. As is expected, Juventus draw in the biggest crowds with average attendances of 31,000 supporters. These large crowds and high demand for tickets makes it difficult to get to games without proper planning.

How to Purchase Your Coppa Italia Tickets

The Coppa Italia provides football supporters with some of the most hotly anticipated games in the Italian footballing calendar. As such, tickets to some of these games are incredibly hard to come by due to their high demand. It is pivotal that you get ahead of the crowds if you want to guarantee yourself a seat at a Coppa Italia game. There are a few different ways to get your tickets, which have been looked at below:

From the club

Coppa Italia tickets are usually sold in phases by the club, so you will have to wait for announcements from the box office. Once they release tickets, however, they are snapped up incredibly quickly. It is advised to try both the online box office and via telephone, but do not be disheartened if they are sold out.

Join a club membership

Many teams offer memberships to their diehard fans to ensure that they can make it to live matches. To do this, members are offered preferential access to ticket sales before the general public. This convenience comes at a price though - an annual fee. This means that a membership is only worth it if you intend to see multiple games of that team playing in a season.

Hospitality and corporate tickets

Purchasing hospitality tickets is an expensive affair, but there are a lot of perks that come with the pricetag. For one, you are treated with a luxurious box seat, which is usually accompanied with snacks and drinks. However, the price for a ticket is very high, they are hard to come by and the atmosphere is definitely lacking in the box seats.

Ticket scalping

Although it is still very illegal, ticket touting is a common practice outside of stadiums on match day. It is advised to avoid this channel because it is high risk for many reasons - from scams to getting caught by the police and charged.

Official ticket vendors

Ticket vendors have become a very popular way of buying tickets for the Coppa Italia. By providing legitimate ticket holders with a platform to sell unwanted tickets, ticket vendors have made a safe environment for people to buy and sell tickets. Better yet, with a thriving marketplace in place, ticket prices are relatively low. Some of the best vendors around are Ticketbis, StubHub and Viagogo.