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Taça de Portugal

Taça de Portugal Tickets

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The Taca de Portugal is the premier knockout football competition in the country. It is open to the top four divisions in professional football in Portugal, including the big three. As a result, the Taca de Portugal has a huge following domestically and abroad. Winners of this prestigious tournament are gifted a spot in the UEFA Europa League. Get ahead of the rest and compare the best available deals for Taca de Portugal match day tickets here.

The Taca de Portugal features the biggest and best teams in Portuguese football, with a total of 155 clubs in contention for the trophy. This includes the famous big three in Portugal - Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting CP. With hundreds of games being played from August until June, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to going to a match.

Taça de Portugal History

The first official Taca de Portugal was played in 1938 and has remained the second-most coveted football trophy in the country ever since. The inaugural winners were Academica, who narrowly eked out a win against Benfica in a 4-3 final. Benfica have seen the most success in this cup, with a total of 25 wins in 35 appearances.

Since 1946 the final for the Taca de Portugal has been held at the Estadio Nacional, with a few exceptions. From 1961-1964 the country was dealing with the Carnation Revolution, so the final was held at the home ground of whichever team had won the Portuguese cup the year prior.

Average Attendances and Prices for Tickets to the Taca de Portugal

With a total market value of £840 million, the Taca de Portugal is one of the most illustrious domestic competitions in Europe. With such massive revenues and followings, it is no surprise that tickets to games sell out. Attendances are usually higher than standard league games, with Benfica seeing the biggest turnout of 30,000.

How to Guarantee Your Taca de Portugal Tickets

The Taca de Portugal is one of the most highly anticipated footballing competition in the Portuguese calendar. Due to this huge following, tickets are known to sell out quickly to the cup games. Although tickets do not sell out to every cup game, it is highly likely that if one of the big three are playing then tickets will go fast. There are several different ways to get to a game, which have been outlined below:

At the club box office

Most Taca de Portugal tickets are put up on sale around one month before the fixture, but they often stagger sales. As a result, it is important to keep up to date about ticket sale releases  at the box office. Obtaining tickets this way is not easy, but it is the official channel to use. You can normally buy from the box office via telephone or online through the clubs website.

Become a club member

Many clubs offer fans memberships that gives them preferential treatment for ticket sales. This option is great if you intend to go to a few games or more in a season, but if it just for one game the extra fee might not be worth it. Outwith the membership, you still have to pay for the ticket.

Hospitality Tickets

Hospitality or corporate tickets offer you a classy option to watch the game live. With access to box seats, pre-game meals and complimentary memorabilia, it is a glitzy affair. However, tickets are pricey and hard to come by, and the atmosphere is definitely lacking.

Ticket Touts

Ticket touts are a mainstay of big games, but they are an illegal part of ticket sales. Scalpers will often sell stolen or fake tickets to unsuspecting customers, so it is advised to avoid them. Worst still, if you are caught in possession of a fake ticket, you will be criminally charged and banned from future games.

Official ticket exchanges

Over the past few years, ticket exchanges have grown massively in popularity with people looking to buy Taca de Portugal tickets. These online platforms are a safe and legitimate way to buy tickets from legitimate ticket holders. Fans that have match day tickets but cannot go can sell them here, which is a much safer alternative than ticket touts. Some of the best exchanges online are Ticketbis, StubHub and Viagogo.