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Get Your Swansea Tickets Online for the 2016/2017 Season

Swansea’s 16/17 is gearing up to be a step back in the right direction. Following their rise to glory from the fourth division, Swansea had a poor season last year. With new manager Francesco Guidolin in charge, The Swans are hoping to secure their spot in the top flight. To find the best prices for your Swansea A.F.C tickets, compare all of the available deals here.

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Where to buy Swansea AFC Tickets Home and Away?

The Liberty Stadium in Swansea is where dreams have come true for Swansea AFC and their fans. With a huge, dedicated fan base following Swansea, getting to a home game can be difficult. Away tickets to Swansea are a little easier to come by, although there is no guarantees that they will not sell out. The official box office is always the first place to try for tickets, even though they sell out very quickly.

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The Swans

With their dramatic rise from the fourth division to the top flight over, Swansea have had to focus on maintaining their quality on the pitch. It has been tumultuous, but with a new manager in charge it looks as though the Swans have a good shot at contending their place in the Premier League.