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Coupe de France

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The Coupe de France is the country's most illustrious knockout football competition that features the nation's best amateur and professional clubs. It is one of the biggest footballing competitions in the world, with more than 8,500 clubs vying for glory in the Coupe de France. Get the best available deals by comparing them here.

The Coupe de France is truly massive, with equally massive support domestically and abroad. With some of the best teams in France, such as PSG and Marseille, competing for the trophy, it is a great chance to see top flight football outside of the league.

Coupe de France History

The Coupe de France came into existence in 1917 and was open to all clubs, both amateur and professional across France. Interestingly, professionalism in football was not in existence in France at this time. It is a competition that is famous for its minimal requirements for entry, which results in lots of teams getting involved. The first year of the Coupe de France featured 48 clubs. By 1948, there was an additional 1,000 teams involved in this French footballing competition.

The inaugural winners of the Coupe de France were Olympique de Pantin, who beat Lyon by three goals in front of a crowd of 2,000 fans. The following years final had 5 times as many supporters, and year on year the Coupe de France has grown.

Average Ticket Prices and Attendances for the Coupe de France

The Coupe de France has a rich historical lineage, and as a result it attracts a large domestic following. Moreover, because France’s most popular football teams participate in this competition, there is a large, organic following. As a result, turnouts to these games can create sell-out crowds - last year, Marseille’s average attendance was almost 60,000.

How to Guarantee Your Coupe de France Tickets

The Coupe de France is literally and figuratively the biggest football competition in the nation, which obviously draws in some equally massive support from fans. This makes Coupe de France match day tickets a hard to come by item, especially for the bigger clubs such as PSG. To make sure you get to the match that you want, will might need to try out one of these different channels:

Straight from the club box office

Clubs that compete in the Coupe de France generally release their tickets for public sale around four weeks prior to match day. As a result of high demand at the box office, it is advised to get ahead of the crowds and purchase from the box office as quickly as possible. Tickets may not sell out for every game, but they often do for bigger games. You can buy from the box office via telephone or online on the clubs website.

Join as a member

Many football clubs offer a team membership that can grant you first access to Coupe de France tickets. If you are going to follow one particular club, this can be a great option. However, due the additional fee of the membership, it is not the best move if you just want to see one or two games.

Hospitality Tickets

Corporate and hospitality tickets are a luxury option when it comes to watching live Coupe de France games. These tickets give you access to classy box seats and often come with an assortments of accoutrements such as a pre-game meal and drinks. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to these tickets. Firstly, the atmosphere in the box seats are severely lacking in atmosphere. Moreover, hospitality tickets are incredibly hard to come by and notoriously expensive.

Ticket scalpers

Ticket touting is an illegal act in France, but it is still common across the country at stadiums on matchday. It is never recommended to try this route, as people often fall prey to these crooks. Scalpers have been known to scam, rob and even injure ‘customers’, and if you are caught with a scalped ticket you can be criminally charged.

Official ticket resellers

Ticket resellers have grown in popularity over the last few years as a channel to buy Coupe de France tickets. By providing a safe marketplace for ticket sales, these online platforms have created a bustling network of legitimate ticket resellers. Fans who have tickets that they no longer want can sell them at a fair price. Some of the biggest names in ticket reselling are Ticketbis, StubHub and Viagogo.