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    Manchester United vs Burnley

    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Old Trafford
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      Manchester United vs Burnley

      You could be seated in any of the blocks highlighted on the map
      N4408 N4407 N4406 N4405 N4404 N4403 N4402 N4401 N3408 N3407 N3406 N3405 N3404 N3403 N3402 N3401 N3416 N3415 N3414 N3413 N2411 N2410 N2409 N2408 N2407 N2406 N2405 N2404 N2403 N1411 N1410 N1409 N1408 N1408 N1407 N1407 N1406 N1406 N1405 N1404 N1403 N2412 NW3427 NW 3429 NW 3428 NW 3433 NW 3430 NW 3436 NW 3431 NW 3432 NW 3434 N2413 N1413 W3101 W3102 W3103 W3104 W3105 W3106 W201 W202 W203 W204 W205 FAMW206 FAMW207 FAMW208 FAMW 209 W101 W102 W103 W104 W105 W106 FAMW 210 FAMW 211 FAMW 212 WL0 STH121 STH121 STH122 STH122 STH123 STH123 STH221 STH222 STH223 STH124 STH124 STH 125 STH 125 STH226 STH226 STH227 STH228 STH126 STH126 STH127 STH127 STH128 STH128 STH229 E132 E230 E231 E232 E233 E234 E235 E236 E237 E238 E239 E 133 E 134 E 135 E136 E137 E138 N1401 N2401 N2402 E331 E332 E333 E334 E335 E336 NE 3424 NE 3422 NE 3423 NE 3421 NE 3426 NE3420 NW 3435 NE 3425 NE 3419 NE 3417 NE 3418 STH224 SOUTH STAND S20-S22 WEST STAND W10-W16 EAST STAND 30- 37 E E SIR ALEX FERGUSON STAND 40- 49 N N
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