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How to Buy England Football Tickets

The idea of securing tickets for international football matches can seem like a difficult task, even with national teams playing in large stadiums. England play their home matches at Wembley Stadium, which holds up to 90,000 spectators at one time, but is it easy to buy a ticket for one of their matches?

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to buy England football tickets. We discuss a range of topics, including the England Supporters Travel Club, home and away matches and much more. Read on to find out.

How to Buy England Football Tickets

You can buy England football tickets via the following four main methods:

  • England Supporters Travel Club
  • Free England Supporters Club
  • General sale
  • Secondary ticket market

1. England Supporters Travel Club

If you’re really keen to get your hands on some England tickets, the easiest and most risk-free way of doing this is by signing up for the ‘England Supporters Travel Club’. This is a paid membership service, which provides members with various perks, including:

  • Access to tickets for away matches
  • Access to tournament finals ticket applications
  • £5 off their ticket for England home games (when purchased within the priority window)
  • Exclusive access to £25 tickets in England’s ‘Home End’ during the first sales window

The England Supporters Travel Club is priced in two different ways: for Renewing Members (members of 2020-22) and New Members.

Renewing Members

If you were a member of the England Supporters Travel Club from 2020-22, you had the opportunity to renew your membership until the 21st July 2023 at the following prices:

Adult: £55

Junior: £15

New Members

If you’re wanting to become a new member of the England Supporters Travel Club, you can join at the following prices:

Adult: £75

Junior: £30

The current England Supporters Travel Club window runs until the end of the Euro 2024 final on the 14th July 2024, however you can sign up as a new member anytime up until that point.

2. Free England Supporters Club

Alongside the paid England Supporters Travel Club, there is the option to join the ‘Free England Supporters Club’. As the name suggests, you can join the club for free and still gain access to some of the great perks they have to offer, which includes:

  • Priority access to England home match tickets
  • Exclusive entry to competitions
  • Access to e-newlsetters

Although you have access to a lot less perks joining the free supporters club, there are still some pretty impressive benefits to it, including having second priority for tickets on up to eight home match tickets.

The main downside to the free supporters club is that you won’t have access to away England matches or access to tickets at major tournaments (World Cup & Euros). This means that if you’re somebody that is primarily in the market to watch England in away games, this membership might not be best for you.

It’s worth noting that any member of the Free England Supporters Club can upgrade their membership to the Travel Club at any time.

3. General Sale

Once the first and second priority windows have passed, there is the general sale window accessible for anyone who doesn’t have an England Supporters Club membership. By choosing to use this method when buying tickets for England matches, you are taking a small risk as you are at the bottom of the priority list. This means that there’s a chance tickets will be sold out by the time you’re able to make your purchase.

One thing to consider is that England home matches are held at Wembley Stadium, meaning up to 90,000 seats need to be filled. This is a large number of seats, however we recommend assessing the nature of each fixture you want to buy tickets for by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a qualifying match?
  • Are England playing a “rival”?
  • Are England playing a big nation? E.g. France, Brazil, Argentina etc.

Once you’ve answered those questions, you can start to estimate what the demand might be like for the fixture you’re trying to buy tickets for. If you think it might be a popular match and feel like relying on the general sale window is too much of a risk, it’s probably worth signing up for either the free or paid supporters club. Otherwise, you can hope that your luck is in when tickets go on sale.

4. Secondary Ticket Market

With the growing popularity of the secondary ticket market within football, this offers fans another great opportunity to buy England football tickets. If the fixture you’re hoping to attend sells out, there’ll be various tickets available on the secondary market.

This is where you need to do your research and make your purchase through a trusted secondary market seller, which is where Ticket-Compare comes in. We work exclusively with trusted secondary market sellers, to help you get hold of tickets from trusted sellers.

Our duty is to operate as the middleman between you and an England ticket, providing you with the opportunity to gain access to matches that you previously believed you wouldn’t be able to.

Browse tickets for upcoming England matches here.

What’s the Difference Between the England Supporters Club and the England Supporters Travel Club?

In the table below, we’ve outlined the difference between signing up for the England Supporters Club and the England Supporters Travel Club.

England Supporters ClubEngland Supporters Travel Club
First choice on up to eight home match ticketsYes (Second priority)Yes (First priority)
Rewards and competitionsYesYes
Exclusive fan forumsYesYes
Info-packed newsletterNoYes
Access to away match tickets (Friendlies and qualifiers)NoYes
Membership packNoYes
Discounts on home ticketsNoYes
10% discount in the England storeNoYes
Access to England tickets at the EurosNoYes

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